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Introducing A University/College Student

Affordable University/College Transportation in Charlotte NC

A lot of people may hold a preconceived belief that black car services are only available for special events, or a certain type of person. At Duke Limo, we want our black car service to be both accessible and high quality because hard workers come in all forms from the CEO to the college student. As a locally owned and operated business, we are here to support the next generation of leaders, and in many cases, those leaders are currently enrolled in university and higher education. Even though many students have their own mode of transportation, or rely on public transportation, there are still plenty of times where a black car service can be useful for our collegiate residents. Perhaps you’ve spent all night cramming for an exam and simply want to get a chauffeured ride to school. Or maybe your car is currently in the shop, and you don’t want to pay outlandish fees for a rental. Or hey, we get it, sometimes you just want the convenience and comfort of door-to-door chauffeur transportation Charlotte. Whatever the reason for your ride, at Duke Limo, we love helping our local students, which is why we offer a specific service just for college and university students, both prospective and enrolled.

Explore Charlotte in Style and Safety with our Prospective University/College Transportation Services

Charlotte is a wonderful city, and one of the South’s most vibrant, eclectic, and ambitious locales. Not only are we a hub for business and enterprise, but we also attract prospective students both regionally and nationally to our schools. For prospective students needing affordable black car service Charlotte transportation, Duke Limo offers peace of mind and security as we welcome you to the city. Rather than rely on rideshares, public transportation, and other less accommodating car services, we offer all-inclusive pricing, and the opportunity to book as you see fit. With options for hourly and daily transportation, you and yours are free to explore Charlotte in all of its collegiate greatness. Take all the time that you need, knowing that our Duke Limo drivers are here to assist you as you transition from place to place.

College trips often require a lot of logistics, including getting from the airport to the hotel, and all across the city. As veteran airport drivers and CTL regulars, our chauffeurs can pick you up directly at the airport, delivering you to your hotel. Our chauffeurs know Charlotte like the back of their hand, and can safely transport you to your accommodations, whether you’re staying downtown, on-campus, or anywhere within the greater Charlotte metropolitan area. Not only do our chauffeurs provide the safest and most economical black car service in the area, but they also welcome you to Charlotte with unmatched hospitality. As locals, they can help direct you to all the best places for entertainment, dining, and much more. They can also answer any questions that you may have about the city, especially as they relate to getting around the area. We want to make your trip to Charlotte as stress-free as possible and show you firsthand what hospitality looks like in the Queen City.

Enhance Your Next Night on the Town with Our Luxury Black Car Service Charlotte Chauffeurs

As a major city in the southern United States, we are a regular destination for concerts, conventions, festivals, and more. As our population continues to steadily grow, so does the demand for reliable concert limo service. Each year, Charlotte hosts millions of visitors, and we are happy to assist tourists and locals alike, as they come to experience all that Charlotte has to offer. Here are some of our routine pick-up and drop-off locations: 

Universities & Colleges
  • University of North Carolina-Charlotte
  • Davidson College
  • Queens University of Charlotte
  • Belmont Abbey College
  • Johnson & Wales University Charlotte
Trade Schools
  • Gaston College
  • NASCAR Technical Institute
  • Southeastern College- Charlotte
  • Carolinas College of Health Sciences
Community Colleges
  • Central Piedmont Community College (various campuses) 
  • York Technical College
  • South Piedmont Community College

University/College Transportation More Services

Schooling doesn’t always necessarily fall under the umbrella of traditional universities and colleges. However, we are here to assist and accommodate our students of all types and backgrounds. No matter where it is that you go to learn, Duke Limo is here to support your dreams, aspirations, and endeavors, by ensuring that you have direct, easy, and reliable transportation 24 hours a day. Whether you’re a Charlotte local, or visiting The Queen City from out of state, we’ll do all of the navigating for you, so that you can focus on all the fun and excitement that comes with higher education.

All About our Affordable Black Car Service Charlotte Operation.

DUKE Limo can provide transportation for students coming in to check out a school.

We offer an hourly service specifically designed for prospective students of colleges and universities in Charlotte and the greater Charlotte area. Our service provides luxury black car service Charlotte between various college and university campuses, ensuring that you can visit all the schools you are interested in without any hassle. Our service is especially helpful if you’ve never been to The Queen City before. Not only will we welcome you with true Southern Hospitality, but our local drivers know the best ways to travel across the city, transporting you to all of your campus activities, and prospective student tours. We’ve also made the booking process available online so that you can easily enter all of your trip credentials ahead of time. Whether you need us for the entirety of your stay in Charlotte, or just require a round-trip from one of our many higher-learning institutions, we’ve got you covered. Come see all that Charlotte has to offer, with chauffeurs who know and love this city.

Check Out Our University/College Transportation Services for Enrolled Students

For those who are already enrolled in a Charlotte-area college, we can provide black car service Charlotte airport before and after holiday breaks, offering rides to and from CLT airport, regional airports, train stations, bus stations, and even between towns. You can rely on us to ensure that you arrive at your destination on time and in comfort, without any stress or inconvenience. We want to see all of our local students thrive and succeed, which is why we offer the premier rates and routes with our executive limo service Charlotte operation.

Check out our other services, which include wedding limo service Charlotte, health care black car service Charlotte, and sports event limo service. Visit our social media profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin to discover more about our services. Don’t hesitate to contact us right away!

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